Healthy Lakes

Attention Delavan Lake Property Owners!


Are you interested in participating in a new program to improve the water quality of our lake?


There is a new statewide program that offers grants of up to $1000 for best management practices installed by homeowners.


The five best management practices are:

  • Fish Sticks Place large woody habitat structures (dead trees) in groups near the shore, in order to improve fish and wildlife habitat and prevent shoreline erosion.
  • 350 Ft2 Native Plantings Create a 350 square foot bed of approved native plants adjacent to the lake, in order to improve wildlife habitat, slow water runoff and promote natural beauty. (Think of the space as 10 x 35 feet.)
  • Diversion Practice Intercept runoff from a path or road sloping towards the lake using a water bar, diverter, and/or broad-based dip, in order to divert water runoff from going directly to the lake.
  • Rock Infiltration Practice Create an excavated pit or trench filled with rock that stores runoff underground, in order to divert, clean and infiltrate runoff water.
  • Rain Garden Create a landscaped shallow depression with loose soil and plants designed to collect roof and driveway runoff, in order to improve wildlife habitat, divert, clean and infiltrate runoff water, and promote natural beauty.


The Delavan Lake Improvement Association and Delavan Lake Sanitary District have partnered to help homeowners apply for these grants.


If this incentive would help you help the lake, and if you want to know more, please contact Sue Heffron, DLIA, or Charlie Handle, DLSD. Contact Sue at 262-781-9746 or [email protected] and Charlie at 262-728-4100 or [email protected] Let Sue or Charlie know by September 1st if you or your organization is interested.


Next steps will be help with planning the projects and applying for the grants. The grant application deadline is February 1st for 2016 grants.


More information can be found at The Healthy Lakes website