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Emergency Notice: Board of Canvassers to Reconvene

The Town of Delavan Municipal Board of Canvassers will reconvene this Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 6:30pm at Waters Edge/Community Center at 1220 South Shore Drive, Delavan for the purposes of determining the election.

The Town of Delavan has two seats open for the Town Supervisor Position. Frank Cangelosi was on the ballot as one of the two candidates running for Town Supervisor. Last evening, he received 652 votes and won one of those seats. We have a tie with the other open seat.

 The Votes Counted Tuesday, April 5, 2022 for Town Supervisor (Vote for not more than 2)


Frank Cangelosi – 652             Micah Hartlaub – 78                  William Thummel – 78

According to state statute, the tie is resolved by lot (coin flip, draw straws).  The statute is 5.01(4)(a):

If 2 or more candidates for the same office receive the greatest, but an equal number of votes, the winner shall be chosen by lot in the presence of the board of canvassers charged with the responsibility to determine the election, or in the case of an election for state or national office or metropolitan sewerage commissioner, if the commissioner is elected under s. 200.09 (11) (am), in the presence of the chairperson of the elections commission or the chairperson’s designee.


Municipal Board of Canvassers:  If the municipality has one ward or one set of results (which is the case for the Town of Delavan) the canvass shall be conducted publicly, and the election inspectors shall act as the municipal board of canvassers.  The municipal board of canvassers is required only when municipal offices or referenda appear on the ballot.  Ss. 5.15(6)(b)7.51, and 7.53(1), Wis. Stats. A separate board of canvassers, comprised of the municipal clerk and 2 other qualified electors appointed by the clerk, is required when the municipality has more than 1 reporting unit or more than 1 set of results.  The municipal board of canvassers meets to complete and sign the canvass statement within 24 hours after the polls close.  S. 7.53(2), Wis. Stats.  2/11/2003


7.53(1)(b) Solely for purposes of the reconvention of a board of canvassers under par. (a) for a specific election, the municipal clerk may determine to replace the members of the board of canvassers with a 3-member board of canvassers consisting of the clerk, the chief inspector, and one other inspector who shall be appointed by the clerk. If the municipal clerk is a candidate at the election being canvassed or is unable to serve, the other 2 members shall appoint a qualified elector of the municipality to serve in place of the clerk. If one of the other members is unable to serve, the municipal clerk shall appoint a qualified elector of the municipality to serve in place of that member. The person or persons making any appointment under this paragraph shall do so by letter which shall be signed by the person or persons, dated, and filed in the office of the municipal clerk. Upon the appointment and qualification of all members, the reconstituted board of canvassers shall then reconvene and carry out its responsibilities under par. (a).