*Caution – Ice may be unsafe.*: “Caution – Ice may be unsafe.  Please contact Lakeside Bait & Tackle at 262-725-7007 for more specific and current ice conditions.”


South Shore Drive Project RESUMES

As of 4/11/2022, the South Shore Drive Project has resumed on the remaining section of South Shore Drive.

Original plans of mobilization have been expedited and postiive weather have allowed preliminary driveway apron removal to begin.  Driveway aprons will be removed and replaced with stone.  There will only be a limited time of access restriction while the pavement is removed and stone replaced. 

Should you have any issues with your access, please call the Hotline at 262-249-6544

The contractor will be giving advance notice of individual driveways by knocking on residence’s doors of those that they are approaching soon for you to plan around.