Town of Delavan Waste/Recycle Haulers

Advanced Disposal

location-128  1215 Klement Street
           Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
telephone_blue  920-563-4505
fax-128  920-563-8829

Nieuwenhuis Brothers Inc.

location-128  857 Comus Drive
           Delavan WI  53115
telephone_blue  262-728-8155
fax-128  262-740-1580

DP Electronic Recyclers

Drop off service only

location-128  540 E Centralia
          Elkhorn WI 53121
telephone_blue  262-723-2550

How do I recycle

Aluminum Cans, Foil, Tin Cans, Bi-Metal Cans

All cans should be rinsed.  Aluminum foil must be clean.
remove labels on tin cans.  Remove both ends of tin cans if possible then flatten if possible.


Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Water Heaters, and Furnaces require an extra charge paid per appliance if put with your refuse.  Billing arrangements must be made prior to being picked up. 
Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers contain "Freon" gas and hazardous oil in their compressors.  You MUST have a state licensed appliance technician remove freon and oil and provide proof of the recovery of the gas and oil before the refuse hauler can remove any of these items from your property.  An extra charge per appliance must be paid. 
The Town of Delavan has a white goods drop off site at Town Hall that is free.


Car, Truck. Tractor and Motorcycle Batteries Only.
Place NEXT to your recycling container.
NOT ACCEPTED:  Flashlight type batteries.

Cardboard (Corrugated Type)

Must be clean.  Remove plastic and metal straps, staples may remain.
Package in no larger than 3' by 3' wide bundles. 
The bundle cannot exceed 6" in height.
Boxes not flattened will not be picked up.

Cardboard (Not Corrugated)

EXAMPLES ARE: Cereal Boxes, Cracker Boxes and Potato Chip Boxes.
All food must be removed.  Cardboard must be clean and dry.
Metal pour spouts must be removed.  All non-paper materials must be removed.
Place flattened cardboard in brown paper grocery bags.
Soda and beer cases with shiny finish may be recycled.
Wax coated cardboard is not recyclable. 
EXAMPLE;  Half gallon milk cartons.

Electronic Recycling

Electronics can be recycled at DP Electronic Recyclers
location-128  540 E Centralia
          Elkhorn Wi 53121

Computers (desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet computers)
Desktop printers (including those that scan, fax and/or copy)
Computer monitors
Other computer accessories (including keyboards, mice, speakers, external hard drives and flash drives)
DVD players, VCRs and other video players
Cell phones
Electronic toys and gaming devices

Televisions (Best Buy will take them)

Glass (Bottles & Jars)

Clear, Brown, Green Food and Beverage Glass
Glass must be clean.  Remove lids and caps.
Paper labels may remain on the items.
No window or drinking glass, dishes or mirrors.

Motor Oil

Engine Oil from Cars, Trucks, Tractors and Motorcycles.
The Town Hall recycles motor oil, and vegetable oil that is used to heat the Mechanics Garage.  It can be dropped off Monday thru Friday from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM.
Motor Oil MUST be in one gallon jugs with the cap on tightly; that your refuse hauler will pick up.
Place one gallon jugs NEXT TO your recycling container, NOT IN the recycle container.
NOT ACCEPTED: Gasoline, oil mixtures, antifreeze, and any other non-motor oil liquid.

Newspapers, Magazines, Office Paper, Junk Mail

Package together in 6" tied bundles or place them in brown paper grocery bags.  DO NOT use plastic bags.  No carbon paper, tissues, napkins or paper towel.

Plastic (No. 1, NO. 2, No. 3, No.4, No. 5, and No. 7)

No. 6 is Polystyrene and is NOT ACCEPTED
On plastic products, look for the triangle with a number inside it.  If the item does not have a triangle with a number inside it, it cannot be recycled.
Plastic must be clean.  Lids and neck ring must be removed.
Plastic oil bottles CANNOT be rinsed clean.  Dispose of oil bottles in your garbage.


The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has granted a variance (exception) on polystyrene.  Until the variance is lifted you may dispose of  polystyrene products with your refuse.

Scrap Metal

Maximum length of 5 feet.
Maximum of 50 pounds per home per week.

Tires (car and pickup truck size)

Recycling of tires requires an extra charge per tire be paid.  Tractor and large truck tires will be charged at a higher rate than car or pickup truck tires.  Please let the refuse hauler know the type of and number of tires you need recycled.
Remove rims.

Recycle & Going Green