Hours of Operation

Town Hall Hours

The Town Hall is open Monday through Friday - 8:30am - 4:30pm

We are Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

We also have special holiday hours. Contact us at (262) 728-3471 if you have any questions.

Recycle/Yard Waste Drop Off Hours

The Drop off Site opens April 1st and Closes Dec 1st (or when the snow accumulates)

Monday Thru Thursday 

at 7am - 3:30pm; Fridays 7am -2pm

Saturday's May thru October  

at 7am - 11am Closed:  Sunday and Holidays​

The unloading area is to the left of the Town Hall Building, inside the gate - 5621 Town Hall Road.

Police Department Hours


If no one is present at the Police Department during office hours, please press the button in the lobby. This will call the our Police Department to see if anyone is available on site. If not, the call will go to the County and they will be able to answer any questions you might have and/or call an officer in, who is out on patrol.

Town of Delavan Contact Information 

5621 Town Hall Road
Delavan, Wisconsin 53115

Phone: (262) 728-3471
Email: [email protected]


Town Hall Phone  (262)728-3471

Phone Extensions

X101 - Police (non-emergency) or Call Direct 262-728-8787

X201 - Town Clerk

X202 - Town Administrator

X203 - Town Treasurer

X204 - Court Clerk

X205 - Chair of Town Board

X206 - Building Inspector

X208 - Mechanic

X209 - Public Works or call direct 262-728-6411

X401 - Community Park / Boat Launch or call direct 262-740-2335