Short Term Rentals

The following are the Steps for Becoming/Remaining an Official Short Term Rental Owner in the Town of Delavan.

These following steps are required  ANNUALLY.

  1. Register online for a State of Wisconsin seller's permit at Click on the previous link to complete that process.
  2. Complete the Tourist Rooming House License Application (Department of Agriculture - DOA)
    • One Time Fee $300
    • Annual Fee $110
      • To obtain a Tourist Rooming House License through DATCP, call (608) 224-4923 or email ​ their licensing specialists.
  3. Complete the Walworth County Short Term Rental Application - $200 (Renewal) $500 (New)
  4. Complete the Town of Delavan Short Term Licensing Application - $100
  5. Complete the Town of Delavan Room Tax Permit - $10
  6. Complete the Town of Delavan General Business Registration Application: $25
  7. Complete the Town of Delavan Business Directory Application
  8. Make Payment to the Town of Delavan for the appropriate Short Term Rental/Room Tax Fees ($100, $25, $10).
    • Before the Town of Delavan can approve your Town of Delavan Room Short Term Rental License you are required to show proof of the following:
      • State of Wisconsin Seller's Permit License
      • Tourist Rooming House License
      • Walworth County Short Term Rental License
  9. Pay your quarterly Room Taxes, using our Room Tax Calculation Form, to the Town of Delavan
    1. If, you use VRBO or another entity that pays the Municipality Room Tax, you must still report your individual room tax information to the Town of Delavan each quarter. Please contact that entity for that report. 

Near the end of each quarter, Short Term Rental owners should contact VRBO, airBnB, etc, unless you are tracking everything on your own, and get a statement/numbers from them, showing what you paid. You still need to report this income to the Town of Delavan (see explanation above). So the easiest way to do that is to just use the Room Tax Calculation Form and send it to the Town of Delavan. You wouldn’t need to send the money to the Town of Delavan, because it was already collected by VRBO.

Below is a pic of how to calculate that number.

Under 2017 Wisconsin Act 59, a lodging marketplace providing short-term residential lodging must register with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) for a license to collect taxes imposed by the state related to a short-term rental and to collect room taxes imposed by a Wisconsin municipality.

The application for the license, Form 231, Lodging Marketplace Application, is available on our website at (search "Form 231"). See page two of the application for definitions.

If the lodging marketplace is engaged in business in Wisconsin, it must also:

Short Term Rental Room Tax - Doesn't the VRBO collect the Town of Delavan Room TAX?

VRBO and "some" other entities now collect and submit for the State, County and the Town of Delavan.

However, Short Term Rental owners still need to report your information to the Town of Delavan because VRBO and "some" other entities do not send us individual statements from each homeowner. They only give us a “lump sum” statement of all of the short term rental owners. So, the Town of Delavan still needs an individual report from you, which you can get from VBRO. If you have any other questions let me know.

Highlight from our Short Term Room Tax Ordinance 397

Each license holder is obligated to complete, sign and file a quarterly room tax return and remit the applicable room tax to the Town as required by the provisions of section 3.10 of this code. Such quarterly room tax return must be signed by the license holder regardless of whether or not the license holder contracts with a third party such as VRBO, Home Away or Air BnB, or other market place provider to administer such rental or collect such tax

When are our Quarterly Room Taxes due to the Town of Delavan?

Quarterly Taxes are Due By
1st Quarter - April 30
2nd Quarter - July 31
3rd Quarter- October 31
4th Quarter - January 31