Absentee Ballot

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Go to https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/Vote-Absentee

Absentee Info for the Town of Delavan

If you wish to vote absentee, you must register ANNUALLY (each year), and you must register during the same year of the elections you plan to vote absentee. (ex: if you registered in October 2021 for an absentee ballot, thinking there was a November election, you will still need to re-register as an absentee voter for the 2022 election year, to receive an absentee ballot for the elections). You can choose to vote absentee for all of the elections in 2022 or you may request to vote absentee at a specific election.

Receive a Ballot for Every Election by Mail
If you are unable to go to your polling place on Election Day due to age, illness, disability or infirmity, you can request an absentee ballot be sent to you for every election, automatically, as an “indefinitely confined elector.”

Starting the 2nd Tuesday before Election Day, you can vote by absentee ballot in person at the Town of Delavan Town Hall - 5621 Town Hall Road, Delavan. In-person absentee voting ends at 5pm on the Friday before election day. If you are an absentee voter, you may not vote in-person absentee on the Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before the election.

If you would like to request an absentee ballot, first see if you are registered to vote. If you have voted in an election in the last four years you should be registered.

If you are not registered or your name or address has changed, please register or update your registration before requesting an absentee ballot. You can see if you are registered to vote by going to myvote.wi.gov and clicking on the "Vote Absentee By Mail" tab. If you are in the military, you do not need to be registered to get an absentee ballot, but first you need to search for your record on myvote.wi.gov If you register for an absentee ballot, but fail to return your absentee ballot, your name will be discontinued from the absentee ballot mailing list.

You may drop off your Absentee Ballot at the Town Hall or send it in the mail: 5621 Town Hall Road, Delavan, Wisconsin 53115. and if the office is not open, we have a convenient drop box on the left side of our building between the Town Hall and the Police Department. YOU MUST SIGN YOUR ABSENTEE ENVELOPE AND HAVE A WITNESS SIGN YOUR ABSENTEE ENVELOPE to have your vote count. If you or the witness neglects to sign the envelope, you will have to physically come in to the Town Hall with the same witness, either earlier than the Friday before the election or on election day itself. You must sign the envelope validating your vote. If you fail to return your absentee ballot your name will be discontinued from the absentee ballot mailing list.

Early Voting begins two weeks before any election. You may vote early at the Town Hall 5621 Town Hall Road, Delavan Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Questions? Contact Clerk McChristy at 262-728-3471