Fire Department


Town of Delavan Fire and Rescue


The Fire & Recue Department would like to take time to thank all of residents for supporting the EMS Referendum.  We look forward to serving your needs in the coming years.


The Town of Delavan Fire Department is a volunteer, on call group of residents. These brave, caring neighbors come to the rescue and save the day, time and time again.

  • ALS Emergency Medical Service
  • BLS Emergency Medical Service
  • Fire Fighting
  • Water Rescue
  • Hazard Material Response
  • Search and Rescue
  • Support
  • Vehicle Rescue/Extrication

April 2024 Summary of Calls

We're Hiring!

Do you want to become involved in your community?

Are you looking for new lifelong friendships and opportunities for personal development? Have you ever witnessed an accident or sudden emergency and wished you could help?

We are looking for volunteers who live or work in the area around Delavan Lake and want to make a difference and serve their community. No experience required. Training and education opportunities are available. The Town of Delavan Citizens rely on the dedication of volunteers to keep our department running smoothly.

Being a volunteer firefighter or EMT is one of the most diverse and challenging experiences, and the personal satisfaction and appreciation received is not comparable to many other careers. View our "What to Expect" guide or informational video to get a look into the life of a volunteer.

If you think you have what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter/EMT, please contact Captain Hanson at [email protected] or stop by Station 1 – 5698 Town Hall Rd, Delavan on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm.


Firehouse Non-Emergency Number: (262)728-3780

Fire Chief

Jamie Jarosz

​Phone (Fire Station #1): (262) 728-3780
Cell: (262) 949-4718
Email: [email protected]

Assistant Fire Chief

Jeff Flitcroft

​Phone (Fire Station #1): (262) 728-3780
Cell: (262) 949-4394
Email: [email protected]

Fire & Rescue Pork Roast & Dance
August 3, 2019

Two Fire Stations Strategically Placed Around the Lake

Station #1


5698 Town Hall Road

Phone: (262) 728-3780

Station #3


2704 County O South

Phone: (262) 740-3033