Toxic Blue-Green Algae Update: June 30, 2022 Toxic Blue-Green Algae Update: This algal bloom was first reported by persons in View Crest subdivision last Thursday, June 23. The Town of Delavan and the Delavan Lake Sanitary District responded immediately. Health Alert signage was posted at the Delavan Community Park, and other public launch and several private boat launches. We have since been in continuous contact with the WDNR, the state Dept. of Public Health, and the Walworth County Dept. of Health. Experts in the field of Harmful Algal Blooms have confirmed the presence of the Blue-Green algae. To date, there have not been any reports of illness related to this Health Alert, and the Town of Delavan will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow all guidance and directives that have been provided by the appropriate departments locally and at the state level. Due to the weather projections going forward into next week, it is expected that the conditions that supported this algal bloom last week may continue to be in place at least into next week; therefore, the Health Alert postings and the beach closure at the Community Park will remain in effect. Please continue to go to the Town of Delavan website for any updates.    


Buoy, Raft & Pier Regulations

Buoy and Raft Permits

Did you know...You need a permit in order to have a buoy or raft in the lake? The permit is $30.00 for three years and can be obtained at the Town Hall or downloaded here.


Pier Addressing

For safety and emergency reasons it is important that everyone puts their address on their pier. Town Ordinance 19.8(a) states:

​The Town Board shall require the owners of all wharves and piers to install address numbers on those piers clearly visible for purposes of identification. Such numbers shall be a minimum of three (3”) inches in height in a color that contrasts with the color of the pier. Subdivision and Associations shall have the name of the Association or Subdivision installed upon its pier in lieu of address numbers. Such lettering shall be a minimum of three (3”) inches in height in a color that contrasts with the color of the pier. Subdivisions and Associations with multiple piers shall have the name of the Association of Subdivision installed upon its main pier or piers and shall assign and install individual numbers on the remaining piers. Such lettering and numbering shall be a minimum of three (3”) in height in a color that contrasts with the color of the piers.

As of the spring of 2014, if you do not have the proper permit for your buoy or raft you will be warned by the police department and will have 30 days to obtain one. If this is not done then a citation will be issued.

Check the current ordinance to see what the specifications and regulations are to properly install and be compliant with the ordinance.