Building Inspector

Professional Building Inpsections Inc.

Joe Mesler

Office: (262) 728-3471
Cell: (262) 215-3711
Fax: (262) 728-3473
Email: [email protected]

Tuesday and Thursday 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Pay for your Permit via credit card only available at office

Code Enforcement Officer

Shannon Markley

Office: (262) 728-3471, Ext # 207
Fax: (262) 728-3473
Email: [email protected]

No Business Hours

The Town offers Building Inspection Services Tuesday and Thursday (1:00 PM - 3:00 PM).

If you have questions regarding code issues feel free to call Joe Mesler on his cell (262) 215-3711 or if you need an inspection.

Building Permits

A building permit shall be obtained by the owner or his authorized agent from the Town Clerks Office or Building Inspector before work may be started on the construction or moving of any building or structure within the Town of Delavan.  The building permit may be obtained by the owner or contractor, or by the part for whom the work is to be performed, but the property owner will be held responsible in case of failure to obtain the permit as provided in this Code, except as might hereinafter be provided.​

The term building shall include any building and/or structure, and any enlargement, alteration, heating or ventilation installation, or anything affecting the fire hazards or safety of any building or structure.

Please submit all building permit applications directly to Joe Mesler

Building Permit
Building Inspector Fee List
Required Inspections List


If part of your project involves removing an existing building, you will need to pick up a building permit to have that building demolished. This premise is called a razing permit and can be applied for at the same time you apply for the permit for the new garage or accessory building, if required for your project.

​A Raze Permit requires an inspection for lead and asbestos, buy a qualified company (see below). Confirmation of all utilities have been disconnected; and a Sanitary disconnect permit has been issued. After these requirements are met a Raze Permit will be issued.

Inspection Services

Wisconsin Inspection Services

Phone: (262) 745-4070

Lead/Asbestos Reports

JD Environmental

Phone: (262) 728-6400

Sewer Disconnect

Delavan Lake Sanitary District

Phone: (262) 728-4100

Utility Disconnect

Alliant Energy - Electric

Phone: (800) 862-6222

​WE Energies - Natural Gas

Phone: (800) 242-9137