Tax Bills Are Here!: Your tax bills are ready for viewing! A hard copy of your tax bill along with a cover letter will be arriving in your mailboxes soon.   If you wish the see your tax bill before it arrives in the mail, you are welcome to contact us at 262-728-3471 or email [email protected]  You can you also see your tax bill online by doing the following: 1) Go to Ascent - CLICK HERE  2) Be sure the top "Public" box says, "Real Estate Property & Tax" and "Search Properties" 3) Type in the Street Number - *Type only the number. If the street name is included on that particular line it will not find your property. 4) Type in your Street Name - A drop down with options may pop up. Click on the correct street 5) Click "Find Now" 6) Click on the correct "Parcel" Number, marked in Red  (Ex: FD 21000055) 7) On the "Select Detail Line" in the middle of hte page, Click the down arrow. A drop down will appear. 8) Click "Taxes" 9) Directly under that there is a list of years horizontally - Click on "2021" - there is also a date marked in red on the bottom of the page, but that only shows you what you've paid or not paid. Click on the 2021 listed horizontally. 10) Your Tax Bill will pop up in PDF format 11) You can print a copy of the bill for your records and even save it to your computer.   If you have questions, please contact the Town Clerk at 262-728-3471all the Town Hall and we can assist you. If you pay your bill in advance, please note that there is a cover letter enclosed in your tax bill mailing with pertinent information in regard to the town. Please view that cover letter - CLICK HERE.    Your 2021 Taxes are due by January 31, 2022.  Click Here for Payment Details and Instructions


Town of Delavan
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News & Notices

Welcome to the Town of Delavan!

Delavan, Wisconsin

Welcome to the Town of Delavan...

...where the living is as good as the fishing!

Where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the waters of Delavan Lake. There’s something for everyone here. And everyone is welcome, whether you’re just stopping in, or staying for good. Come explore our town, rich in scenery, history, shops, parks, recreational activities, dining, and destinations.

Brush and Yard Waste Drop Off Hours

Monday - Thursday @7am-3:30pm

Friday @7am-2pm

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

• The Town of Delavan drop off site will accept garden debris, grass clippings, leaves and brush. (Limbs cannot exceed four (4) inches in diameter)
• Will not accept stumps, concrete, logs or root balls etc.

Is there a Difference between the Town or City of Delavan?

Yes. The Town of Delavan is our town, which, for the most part, surrounds Delavan Lake and the inlet and includes businesses like the Village Supper Club, Waterfront, the Inn Between, Delavan Lake Yacht Club, JoJo's Pizza and their Taco Truck, The Dancing Horses Theatre, Scoop's Place, Lollipups, Gage Marine, Delavan Lake Resort, Rig-a-Tony's, Bronze Bootique, the Kringle Company, The Belfry House and Opus Restaurant, Boxed & Burlap, and much more.

The City of Delavan includes Lake Lawn Resort, Walmart, Lowes, Kohl's, WI School for the Deaf, Delavan-Darien School District, and the area on the brick road near Romeo, the Elephant Statue, to name just a few.

Contact Information

Town Hall Phone  (262)728-3471

Phone Extensions

X101 - Police (non-emergency) or Call Direct 262-728-8787

X201 - Town Clerk

X202 - Town Administrator

X203 - Town Treasurer

X204 - Court Clerk

X205 - Chair of Town Board

X206 - Building Inspector

X208 - Mechanic

X209 - Public Works or call direct 262-728-6411

X401 - Community Park / Boat Launch or call direct 262-740-2335


Administrator   [email protected]

Treasurer  [email protected]

Town Clerk   [email protected]

Town Chair   [email protected]

Want to be in the Know?

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Visit us at the Town Hall

5621 Town Hall Road,  Delavan, Wisconsin 53115

Town Hall Hours

Monday - Friday - 8:30am - 4:30pm
We are Closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Extended Hours for Taxes

Tuesday, December 28 @8:30am-6pm

Wednesday, December 29  @8:30am-6pm

Thursday, December 30 @8:30am-6pm

Drop Box

Please consider using our drop box - located on the right side of the Town Hall, between the Town Hall and the Police Department - to drop off correspondence after hours.

Do you need a Notary?

The Town of Delavan has a number of notaries on staff, to assist you.

Please call 262-728-3471 to schedule an appointment.

Open Records Requests

If you would like to request any records, you must submit a formal Record Request. Please download and complete the "Request for Access to or Copy of Public Record" Form and return to Clerk McChristy at [email protected]

You may be charged a fee of $.25 per page. Please see our ordinance for more details.

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Emergency Alert 11-05-2021: Public Works Committee approved the Change Order to postpone the completion date of the South Shore Drive Reconstruction Project from November 30, 2021 until June 15, 2022.