Friday Memo





To:                  Town Board Members

From:  John Olson, Town Administrator

Date:   December 3, 2021    



Please take time to read this week’s Friday Memo- -a general recap of the week and upcoming news.  As always, should you like more information, I ask that you call the office, e-mail or stop in.  Thanks for your continued support. 


  1. The South Shore Dr. Reconstruction project is close to completion for this year before resuming next Spring.  Public Works Committee has approved the Change Order to postpone the substantial completion date from 11/30/2021 to 6/15/2022.
  2. Expect your Property Tax Bill very soon.  Thanks to Kristy and Darlene for their efforts to get them mailed as soon as possible.    
  3. Shodeen has applied for rezones of 3801 & 4311 South Shore Dr. from B-2 (Business) to R-2A (Residential) to allow for construction of new single family homes.  These applications will be heard and considered at next Tuesday’s Plan Commission. 
  4. Brian Bickle, 6370 Mound Rd., has applied for a Conditional Use Permit to allow a Garage and Outside Storage.  This application will also be considered at Tuesday’s Plan Commission.    
  5. Kristy has organized “Poll Worker Socials” next Monday at 5:30pm and Wednesday at 1:00pm.  Please attend one of the events if you have interest in serving as a Poll Worker.  Thank-you.
  6. The Park and Lake Committees will be meeting at the Waters Edge next Tuesday.
  7. The DNR recently approved the permit for the Mound Rd. dredging project.  The Lake Committee appointed a subcommittee to work with Baxter & Woodman on the permitted equipment costs & possible leasing alternatives.
  8. All Assessed Values for the Town are available online at
  9. The Highway Shop is a “free drop-off site” for Waste Oil that is used for heating purposes.  We are currently in low supply.
  10. Enjoy your weekend!                                                                                                                                    




            Meetings next week:  Administrative, Monday at 4:00pm

                                                 Police & Water Safety, Tuesday at 1:00pm

                                                 Park & Tourism, Tuesday at 4:15pm (Waters Edge)

                                                 Plan Commission, Tuesday at 7:00pm

                                                 Lake Committee, Tuesday at 7:00pm (Waters Edge)

                                                 Fire & Rescue, Thursday at 6:00pm