Lake Regulations


This web pate was designed to keep you informed of the lake regulations and make sure your use of Delavan Lake is safe and enjoyable.

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You need a permit for your buoy and/or raft that is put into the lake every spring?
Buoy-Raft Permit Application


Pier Addressing Required . . . .  For safety and emergency reasons it is important that everyone puts their address on their pier. Town Ordinance 19.8(a) states:

The Town Board shall require the owners of all wharves and piers to install address numbers on those piers clearly visible for purposes of identification. Such numbers shall be a minimum of three (3”) inches in height in a color that contrasts with the color of the pier. Subdivision and Associations shall have the name of the Association or Subdivision installed upon its pier in lieu of address numbers. Such lettering shall be a minimum of three (3”) inches in height in a color that contrasts with the color of the pier. Subdivisions and Associations with multiple piers shall have the name of the Association of Subdivision installed upon its main pier or piers and shall assign and install individual numbers on the remaining piers. Such lettering and numbering shall be a minimum of three (3”) in height in a color that contrasts with the color of the piers.

What types of fish are there to fish for in Delavan Lake and what are the size regulations?
Delavan Lake Fish - Regulations

Delavan Lake Boating & Launch Regulations

Boating Regulations

How the launch fee is set and calculated

  • All launch rates are set by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
  • Rates are calculated by the number of services at the launch
    • Attendant
    • Restrooms
  • State tax is included in fee

Delavan Lake Boating Regulations

  • Slow No Wake Zones
    • Entire waters of the Inlet and Outlets
    • West bay areas of the lake
    • 200 feet from shore around entire lake
  • Slow No Wake is speed at which boat moves as slowly as possible while still maintaining steering control
  • Slow No Wake is between sunset and sunrise
  • Ski in traffic lane only
    • Only two tow lines per boat
  • Only 1 person per tow line
  • No intoxicated persons on boat
  • Negligent water craft operations is prohibited
  • No Loitering
  • Boats shall comply with manufacturers rating for people and motors
  • No mooring or anchoring overnight without permit
  • No mooring or anchoring in swim area, public beaches or landings
  • No swimmers, snorkelers, or skin divers in traffic lane without a boat, life buoy, or able observer
  • Traffic lane is surface of lake 200 feet from shore
Boat Launch Regulations
  • All Boats must be prepped and ready to launch when entering launch area
  • Prep boats in areas marked or designated by park personnel
  • Boat lot for trailer parking only, no cars/trucks without trailers
  • "Dock Master" will direct boaters on what ramp to use for launching and exiting the lake 
    • If "Dock Master" is not present please follow pier signage
  • Launching: move you boat to the end of the pier to allow another boat to launch
  • Exiting: move you boat to the first orange post to allow another boat to exit
  • When "exiting" you must be at pier for trailer pickup; no moving off pier in the lake
  • No bait bathroom or boat rider tie ups on piers are allowed, "touch and go" for above
  • No fishing or swimming allowed off or near ramp piers
  • Maximum 10 minutes allowed at piers if mechanical problems
    • After this time period, boat must be removed from launch area
  • Inlet and Outlet are NO WAKE ZONES
  • Be sure to remove all weeds and zebra mussels from equipment, trailer and boat before leaving park
    • See "Clean Boats/Clean Waters" stands on outbound roadway
  • Place all bait waste in designated barrels