Brush Pick Up to Begin May 6: NOTICE 2024 TOWN OF DELAVAN BRUSH PICK UP SCHEDULE Brush pick up will begin the first Monday of the Month May through October (May 6 June 3, July 1, August 5, September 3 and October 7).  Please have brush out by the roadside by Monday morning. Crews are limited to 15 minutes per location. Pick up is for trimming of brush and trees, no fully cut trees (no bagged materials) Tree limbs cannot exceed six (6) inches in diameter Limbs must be 3’ in length or longer. Limbs shorter than 3’ can be dropped at drop off site. No foreign material in pile.  (No rocks, steel, wire, metal, lumber, garbage, etc.). No leaves, grass clippings, bush clippings, root balls or small twigs will be picked up.   TOWN OF DELAVAN DROP OFF SITE Located at 5621 Town Hall Road   FOR TOWN OF DELAVAN RESIDENTS ONLY (NO CONTRACTORS OR COMMERCIAL DUMPING)   Please register at the Highway Department or Town Hall prior to dumping.  You will need to show proof of residency when signing in (i.e., driver’s license, utility bill, tax bill, etc.)   HOURS ARE MONDAY – THURSDAY 7:00 AM TO 3:15 PM FRIDAY 7:00 AM TO 2:00 PM (CLOSED JULY 5) SATURDAY’S – MAY 4 – OCTOBER 5, 7:00 AM TO 11:00 AM CLOSED SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS LAST SATURDAY IS OCTOBER 5   The Town of Delavan drop off site will accept garden debris, grass clippings, leaves and brush. (Limbs cannot exceed four (4) inches in diameter) Will not accept stumps, concrete, logs or root balls etc.   WASTE OIL DROP OFF The Town of Delavan is now accepting waste oil to be burned for energy recovery in our Public Works’ garage.  Town residency is not required for this type of disposal; any waste oil is accepted as long as it’s free of antifreeze, gasoline, etc.  Waste oil can be delivered to the Town Highway Garage location during regular business hours listed above. Please register prior to drop off.   IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT THE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT OFFICE AT (262) 728-6411.    

Water Pennyworth Have You Seen This Plant?

Water Pennywort, or Hydrocotyle ranunculoides, is considered an invasive species in Wisconsin. This aquatic perennial can be found in shallow, slow moving water and on wet edges and mudflats of lake or pond edges. Water Pennywort prefers full sun to partial shade. The round, deeply lobed leaves reach the water surface from stalks attached to creeping stems. Small, green-white or green-yellow flowers develop in clusters in summer and early fall. This plant reproduces by runner stems and roots, seeds and stem fragments, and can develop large colonies.

The lake operations manager, Charlie Handel of the Delavan Lake Sanitary District, has found that the pennywort spreads quickly in September and closely monitors Delavan Lake during this time.

The WDNR and DLSD need your help. If you see Water Pennywort on your shoreline, or anywhere on Delavan Lake, please contact the Delavan Lake Sanitary District at 262-728-4100 or Heidi Bunk, WDNR, at 262-574-2130. Thank you for your dedication and support of our lake.