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Open Book & Board of Review Dates & Time

Open Book & Board of Review Dates & Times

*Meet with the Assessor

Please contact Accurate Assessors to schedule an Open Book appointment on the following dates or times. Please note there are appointment availabilty via telephone and in person.

Monday June 14, 2021 @2pm-7pm – Via Telephone

Monday June 14, 2021 @3pm-5pm – IN PERSON

Tuesday June 15, 2021 @9am-3pm – Via Telephone

Board of Review

Thursday July 22, 2021 @2:00pm – 4:00pm

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At the Board of Review, citizens have the opportunity to meet with the Assessor and discuss your valuation.  The Board of Review is a quasi legal proceeding where the Board looks at the information that is provided by the property owner and the Assessor.  

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