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Mail Delivery Update for South Shore Drive Residents

If you live on or near South Shore Drive, you might be aware that the road is being fixed.  The project has been delayed, for a number of reasons, including having to wait until the Town of Delavan audit was completed, which took much longer than expected. Once the audit was completed then and only then could the loan process begin. Once the project started, there were other delays including a Delmar piping issue as well as an issue with WE energies hooking up to an old gas main. All those things have affected the completion date of the South Shore Drive project which has now been moved to June 15, 2022.  While the work up to Holig Lane will be completed shortly, the second half of the project (Holig to Hwy 50) will not be started until next Spring.

That being said, if you have presently been picking up your mail at the Delavan Post Office due to the South Shore Drive Project, we have been notified that you will STILL need to retrieve your mail from the Delavan Post Office throughout the Winter.  We know this isn’t pleasant news to hear, however, we felt it was necessary to get the word out.

*Please note that if you have NOT yet had any changes to your mail delivery, as a result of this project (ie: This would apply to those of you that live on South Shore starting at Holig and going to Hwy 50) this will NOT affect you this winter.  This notice only pertains to those whose mail delivery has already been affected by the project. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 262-728-3471 or [email protected]

South Shore Drive Completion Date Changed to 

June 15, 2022