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WCLA First Program of 2024 on February 17th

WCLA First Program of 2024 on February 17th

On February 17, the Walworth County Lakes Association is set to host a presentation on “Technology in Conservation.” The event will feature James Bushey, Director of Technical Sales for Adorama, Chris Wells, Chair and Associate Professor of Parks and Recreation Leadership, and Professor of Conservation Technology.

The presentation will delve into the role of drones, robots, and Remote Operated Vehicles in lake analysis and their applications in search-and-rescue efforts. Weather permitting, there will be a live demonstration during the session.

The venue for the event is the Delavan Club Clubhouse, located at 1510 Delavan Club Way, Delavan, with the session scheduled to commence at 9:00 a.m. The agenda includes a business meeting featuring a round-table discussion of member issues and the main presentation on Technology in Conservation.

Check your email (including Spam folders) for updates from WCLA. Anyone from your association can attend the meeting!