Lakefest/Independence Day Celebration:

2021 Walworth County Clean Sweep – Oct 1 & 2

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What is Clean Sweep? Clean Sweep is a collection of unwanted, unused or damaged household hazardous waste. This program collects and disposes of waste in an environmentally safe method through a licensed hazardous waste facility.

What is Hazardous Waste? Hazardous Waste can usually be identified by product labels that contain any of the following words: Caution, Warning, Danger, Poison, Toxic, Ignitable or Flammable, Acid, Corrosive, or Reactive


Clean Sweep services are available to Walworth County household residents Free-of-Charge & pre-registration is not required. Businesses ONLY need to pre-register for VSQG (see below)

Collection Location #1 Open ONLY on Friday, October 1 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM For HHW Collection ONLY City of Whitewater Public Works Complex 150 E Starin Road

Collection Location #2 Open ONLY on Friday, October 1 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM For HHW Collection ONLY City of Delavan Public Works Building 490 Richmond Road (CTH M & P)

Collection Location #3 Open ONLY on Saturday, October 2 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon HHW & *** Electronic Collection *** ***This location ONLY will accept the electronics listed to the left*** Walworth County Public Works Department W4097 CTH NN – Elkhorn Pack electronic items in the front of your trunk or trailer with HHW in the back for easier unloading. Please REMAIN in your vehicle Unless requested by staff.

Items ACCEPTED at HHW Clean Sweep Event

Artist & Hobby paint Floor / Wax stripper Metal cleaners Drain cleaner Dry cleaning fluid Mothballs Paint remover Furniture stripper Turpentine Gun-cleaning fluid Nail polish remover Acetone Contact cement Fiberglass epoxy Oven cleaner Shoe polish Shellac & Stains Varnish Photographic materials Swimming pool chemicals Light ballasts Polish & spot removers w/solvents Lead-based paint Adhesives & glues w/solvents Oil-based paint Fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, thermostats w/mercury Concrete cleaner (acid) Wood preservatives Paint thinner Antifreeze Old fuel Brake fluid Engine / Carb cleaner Transmission fluid Aerosol cans Brake cleaner Vehicle batteries Degreasers Fuel additives Road flares Motor oil Battery acid Driveway sealer Oil filters Fertilizer w/ weed killer 2-4D Lighter fluid Insect or bug spray / killer DDT Ketone Rat / rodent poison 2,4-5-T Fungicides Stump remover Chlordane Pesticides

Items NOT ACCEPTED at Clean Sweep 

Compressed Gas cylinders Alkaline batteries Propane tanks Disinfectants Water-based cleaners Empty containers Smoke detectors Tires Drain, oven & toilet cleaners Ag Chemicals Ammunition / Explosives Sharps / Needles Human Medical & Biological Wastes Radioactive & Water-Based materials. Latex Paint – is water soluble and needs to be dried out and disposed of with your trash.


TVs, Cell Phones, Computers & Monitors ONLY COLLECTED AT LOCATION #3 ONLY

NO LARGE APPLIANCES ACCEPTED ONLY Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers & Microwaves Disposal Fee $35 Each Disposal Fee $10 EACH (CASH ONLY) (CASH ONLY) for ALL TV’s for ALL Monitors No Broken or Disassembled items


Medications – contact your local police department for proper disposal and what they will accept. This website may be helpful:

Check Website for proper disposal instructions at:

Clean Sweep TIPS & GUIDELINES to speed up the Vendors product removal process:

• Read labels for safe usage, storage, and disposal of products.

• Products should be stored in your trunk, or truck bed. Electronics should be placed in the front of your trunk and HHW in the back.

• Keep products in original, labeled containers.

• Do not mix any materials in the same container, especially products containing ammonia and bleach. A toxic gas can form!

• Keep similar materials together, and place in cardboard boxes so they don’t turn over.

• Prevent products from freezing.

• Remain in your vehicle.

• Whenever possible, use entire product as directed to help reduce waste.

• Do not dump leftover products in the backyard, woods, or down the storm sewer.

• Do not burn or bury leftover products.

• Do not reuse pesticide or other chemical containers for other purposes.

COVID-19 REQUIREMENTS: Remain in your vehicle and wear a mask should someone approach your vehicle. Ensure all your hazardous waste is contained in the rear area of your vehicle, the trunk, pickup bed, or trailer and not next to you or the passenger side, as staff will NOT enter your vehicle.