Pending Application for Proposed Dredging: OFFICIAL NOTICE John Olson, 5621 Town Hall Rd., Delavan, WI 53115 has applied to the Department of Natural Resources for a permit to dredge the sediment settling ponds upstream of Delavan Lake along Mound Road.  The project is located in the NW of SW 1/4 of Section 12 in Township 02N, Range 16E located in Town of Delavan, Walworth County. The Department will review the proposal provided by the applicant and any information from public comments and the public informational hearing.  The Department will determine whether the proposal complies with ss. 1.11, 30.20, and 30.208, Stats., and ch. NR 150, Wis. Adm. Code, and ensure that the required mitigation meets the standards in s. 281.36(3r), Stats. if the project impacts wetlands. The Department has made a tentative determination that it will issue the permit for the proposed activity.  If you would like to know more about this project or would like to see the application and plans, please visit the Department’s permit tracking website. Reasonable accommodation, including the provision of informational material in an alternative format, will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. Any person may submit comments and/or request a public informational hearing by emailing [email protected] If you are submitting general comments on the proposal, they must be emailed within 30 days after the date this notice is published on the Department’s website.  If you are requesting a public informational hearing, the request must be emailed within 20 days after the date this notice is published on the Department’s website. A request for hearing must include the docket number or applicant name and specify the issues that the party desires to be addressed at the informational hearing.  If no hearing is requested, the Department may issue its decision without a hearing. If a public informational hearing is held, comments must be emailed no later than 10 days following the date on which the hearing is completed.  The final decision may be appealed as indicated in the decision document. Docket Number IP-SE-2020-65-01747 STATE OF WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES For the Secretary   BY:  Luke Roffler                                                                                                 Water Management Specialist                              Date 10/01/2021


Burning Q & A

It’s that Time of Year Again!  

The trees are turning colors, you are trimming the branches, raking the leaves and cutting down brush and you probably want to burn that pile of leaves and brush so it’s not in your yard when the snow flies, right?  Well, you can!!!!

The burning of dry combustible material and non-offensive yard waste (like leaves, sticks and brush) is permissable, yearly, from September 16th through June 14th, so long as the burn is supervised by a person 18-years or older, the burn is not closer than 25-feet from any buildings or structures and 50-feet from any lake or stream and away from any highway. There must also be water or another device to put out the fire.

No Burn Permit Needed, HOWEVER…

If you are planning a large burn, residents are asked to contact the Fire Department (Assistant Chief Fred Krablean – 414-550-5224) and the Police Department (262-728-3471 X101) before burning. You will be asked to provide the date and time of the burn so the town doesn’t inadvertantly send out emergency vehicles.

Please CLICK HERE to read the entire Burn Ordinance as there are many other details you need to know in regard to what is considered a permissable burn, what is a campfire or bonfire, what is refuse, , the regulations for an open burn, etc. 

What CANNOT Be Burned?

Unless specific written approval has been obtained from the Department of Natural Resources, the following material may not be burned in an open fire, incinerator, burn barrel, furnace stove, or any other indoor or outdoor incineration or heating device: i) Rubbish or garbage including but not limited to food wastes, food wraps, food packaging, animal carcasses, paint or painted materials, furniture, composite shingles, construction or demolition debris or other household or business waste. ii) Waste oil or other oily waste except used oil burned in a heating device for energy recovery, subject to the restrictions in Ch. NR 679, Wisconsin Administrative Code. iii. Asphalt and products containing asphalt. iv. Treated or painted wood including, but not limited to plywood, composite wood products or wood products that are painted, varnished or treated with preservatives. v. Any plastic material including, but not limited to nylon, PVC, ABS, polystyrene or urethane foam, and synthetic fabrics, films, and containers. vi. Rubber, including tires and synthetic, rubber- like products. vii. Newspaper, corrugated cardboard, container board, office paper and other materials that must be recycled in accordance with the Town of Delavan recycling ordinance, except as provided or otherwise allowed.

Happy Fall Y’all!


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