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Apply for Farmland Preservation Agreement for 2021 Tax Credit Eligibility!

Now is a great time for landowners to plan for the future of their farm lands. Landowners within an AEA (Agricultural Enterprise Areas) who are interested in strengthening their commitment to farming and conservation of their lands may consider signing a farmland preservation agreement.

These are 15-year voluntary agreements between eligible landowners and the state to preserve agricultural lands and protect soil and water resources. Agreement holders that meet all eligibility requirements may claim the farmland preservation tax credit. The tax credit can be either $5/acre for lands within one of the state’s Agricultural Enterprise Areas (AEA), or $10/acre for lands within a farmland preservation zoning district and an AEA.

To find if your farmland is eligible to enroll in a farmland preservation agreement, please contract your local Land and Water Conservation Department. Visit the Wisconsin Land + Water Directory to find contact information for your local Land and Water Conservation Department – CLICK HERE FOR WALWORTH COUNTY INFO.

In order to claim the farmland preservation tax credit for tax year 2021 under a farmland preservation agreement, the agreement must be signed by both the landowner and the department by December 31, 2021. Interested landowners are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. For the agreement application and additional information about farmland preservation agreements, visit the Apply for a Farmland Preservation Agreement webpage. Interested applicants can contact us at (608) 224-4611 or [email protected] with any questions.