Tax Bills Are Here!: Your tax bills are ready for viewing! A hard copy of your tax bill along with a cover letter will be arriving in your mailboxes soon.   If you wish the see your tax bill before it arrives in the mail, you are welcome to contact us at 262-728-3471 or email [email protected]  You can you also see your tax bill online by doing the following: 1) Go to Ascent - CLICK HERE  2) Be sure the top "Public" box says, "Real Estate Property & Tax" and "Search Properties" 3) Type in the Street Number - *Type only the number. If the street name is included on that particular line it will not find your property. 4) Type in your Street Name - A drop down with options may pop up. Click on the correct street 5) Click "Find Now" 6) Click on the correct "Parcel" Number, marked in Red  (Ex: FD 21000055) 7) On the "Select Detail Line" in the middle of hte page, Click the down arrow. A drop down will appear. 8) Click "Taxes" 9) Directly under that there is a list of years horizontally - Click on "2021" - there is also a date marked in red on the bottom of the page, but that only shows you what you've paid or not paid. Click on the 2021 listed horizontally. 10) Your Tax Bill will pop up in PDF format 11) You can print a copy of the bill for your records and even save it to your computer.   If you have questions, please contact the Town Clerk at 262-728-3471all the Town Hall and we can assist you. If you pay your bill in advance, please note that there is a cover letter enclosed in your tax bill mailing with pertinent information in regard to the town. Please view that cover letter - CLICK HERE.    Your 2021 Taxes are due by January 31, 2022.  Click Here for Payment Details and Instructions


NO ELECTION this November

Just a reminder that we do not have a November Election this year. It is considered an “off-year” during odd numbered years, and since this is 2021, we are in an odd year.

Please CLICK HERE to register to vote in our upcoming Elections in the Town of Delavan.

When Is Our Next Election?

February 15, 2022

2022 Spring Primary Election (if needed)

Will There Be a February Spring Primary Election?


A February 2022 Spring Primary election is completely dependent upon whether or not there are any school positions/referendums and/or county or state seats that are up for re-election, or of there is a referendum or seats up for re-election in the Town of Delavan.

April 5, 2022 

2022 Spring Election & Presidential Preference Primary

August 9, 2022 

2022 Partisan Primary Election

November 8, 2022 

2022 Fall General Election



Please see our extensive Drop Down Menu under “Government & Election” on our webpage, and hover over the “Election Information Tab” to go to the Election Pages (see drop down menu below). We have a wealth of details posted on how to check if you are registred to vote, how to update your address, how to apply for an Absentee Ballot, how to become a Poll Worker, info on High Schoolers serving as Poll Workers and much more. 

Emergency Alert 11-05-2021: Public Works Committee approved the Change Order to postpone the completion date of the South Shore Drive Reconstruction Project from November 30, 2021 until June 15, 2022.