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NOTICE: No Vehicles on Delavan Lake

It’s recently been brought to our attention that motor vehicles have been operating on Delavan Lake.

We DO NOT allow vehicles weighing more than one-thousand (1,000) pounds on the frozen waters of Delavan Lake or Lake Comus

Please see the below ordinance regarding operating motor vehicles on the ice. As always, if you have any questions please contact the Police Department or Town Hall at 262-728-3471. Thank you for your cooperation!




1) No person shall operate an automobile, farm truck, motor bus, motor truck, truck tractor or any other motor vehicle with a
shipping weight of more that one-thousand (1,000) pounds on the frozen waters of Delavan Lake or Lake Comus.

2) This section shall not apply to authorized emergency vehiclesor other vehicles operating with the specific authorization of
the City of Delavan Police Department or Town of Delavan Police Department.

3) The statutory definitions contained in Section 340.01, Wisconsin Statutes, are hereby adopted and by reference made a
part of this section as if fully set forth herein.


Established April 17, 2002, Ordinance No. 229